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HAMK Visamäki >>
Business Economics, Business Information Technology, Biotechnology, Construction, Design, Languages, Product Design, Product Development,...
HAMK Forssa >>
Helth Care, Information Technology, Logistics, Tourism, ...
HAMK Mustiala >>
HAMK Lahdensivu >>
Nursing, Crafts and Recreation, Social Services,...
HAMK Valkeakoski >>
Automation Technology, International Business, Industrial Management (FI)...
HAMK Evo >>
HAMK / HAMI Lepaa >>
Landscape Design, Horticulture, Tourism, Golf, Wines...
HAMK Sairio >>
Dairy Production (FI)
HAMK Riihimäki >>
Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Media, Information Technology,...
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In case of an error, please send email to lasse.seppanen@hamk.fi. State error description, campus, degree programme and your group. Let's make this system really good!